Air Tool Safety instruction

The goal of Xinxing is to produce air tools that help your work safely and efficiently. The most important safety device for this or any other air tools is YOU, Your pay attention and good judgment are the best protection against injury, All possible hazards cannot be covered here, but we have tried to highlight some of the most important ones.


1. For safety, top performance and maximum durability of parts, operate our air tools at 90 PSIG, 6.2 bar max air pressure with 3/8” diameter air supply hose. The length of air hose cant longer than 1.5meters.


2. Always wear impact-resistant eye and face protection when operating or performing maintenance on our air tools. Always wear hearing protection when use our air tools, because of high sound levels can cause permanent hearing loss.


3. Keep the tools in efficient operating condition.


4. Avoid direct contact with rotating spindle and accessory to prevent cutting of hands or other body parts. Wear gloves to help protect hands.

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